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The library board has developed a Building Committee consisting of nine members. They will be responsible for reviewing space options available to the library and the community. The library board received approval from the Village of Milltown to proceed with the project on Monday, October, 8, 2012.


On November 23, 2012, an offer was accepted for the library to purchase the old grocery store building located at 108 Central Avenue. The building and fundraising committees have completed Phase 1 of fundraising with the help of our supportive community as well as a grant from the Albert Victor Ravenholt Foundation.


On January 7, 2013, Steve Quist motioned and Marcia Macaulay seconded that the building committee establish a fund raising target of $4 million. This motion was approved by the building committee without opposition. The final project budget will be based upon the funds available at the time of bidding.

The architects, HGA, will be using this target as a cap not to exceed but with the expectation that a quality and efficient building be constructed in the most cost effective manner.


Informational gathering sessions will be held with architects to develop a more refined community vision for the new library space. Using the information gathered from these public meetings with input from the Library Board, Staff and the various library building related committees, HGA will prepare concept drawings that will be used for the fund drive campaign and to develop grant applications. The intent of the building committee is to renovate and equip the new library without additional village tax dollars. The design will incorporate efficiencies that will help control the costs for maintaining the building.


Planning Documents





Building Committee Members

Julia Amrhien
Sara Fugate
Tami Grams
Lorraine Lunzer
Michelle Michaelson
Steve Quist
Les Sloper
Erling Voss
Deanna Wheeler
John Thompson, Adviser


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