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Youth Summer Reading

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June 16th – August 18th, 2022

Don’t starve the mind-shark!

Did you know that many species of shark are unable to stop swimming because they need the constant motion to breath? What if I were to say your mind is no different? It swims in an ocean of knowledge and needs to continuously take in refreshing bits of information to survive.

Sadly, many children over the summer do not properly tend their mind-sharks, leaving them half-starved and out of breath until the return of school. But by that time, they are smaller and less capable, struggling to keep up with even
the weakest currents. In other words, the less you read because you want to, the more you will struggle when you read because you have to!

Luckily, your local libraries are here to help!
Throughout the summer we will be offering a variety of free programs to help you keep your mind-shark engaged and healthy! Opportunities will be available on-site and online all summer long!

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This year we will be using Beanstack to help you keep up with your progress over the summer.

Here you will collect badges used towards earning rewards from the library for everything from reading, to sharing your thoughts, to program participation! Most badges come with a small incentive to encourage you to keep on reading! So what are you waiting for?

Sign-up for your Beanstack account and start earning your badges today!

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Page turner ocean adventures

Storyologists Welcome!

Page Turner Adventures is here!

  • 6 weeks of entertainment
  • June 13- July 22
  • Shows, author interviews, crafts, field trips, adventure!

The Milltown Public Library is thrilled to announce its partnership with Page Turner Adventures, the Emmy-Award Winning team of Jill Nadler and Kenny Mikey, known for bringing stories to life with their comedic approach at libraries, schools and theaters across the world to bring summer reading to the ocean floor!

Starting Monday, June 13th, the Milltown Public Library will give patrons access to a Virtual Summer Reading Program geared towards children in grades K-3, that includes comedy shows, crafts, recipes, children’s book author interviews, guest performers, contests, games, and much more.

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