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Library Cards

Getting a free library card is easy and allows you to check out materials from 50+ libraries that share the MORE online catalog and get materials from other libraries outside the MORE system through Interlibrary Loan. This include physical materials, ebooks and more!

How do I get a library card?

Obtaining a library card is simple. Stop in and fill out a registration card or print out the form and fill it out before you come in.

Borrower Registration

You must show a valid picture ID or other proof of residence; driver’s license, mail/bills, or anything official that shows your name and current street address.

If you are under 16, you will need a parent or guardian to show the proper ID and sign a statement of responsibility for you.


If you don’t have a library card from a MORE-member library and you’re a Wisconsin resident, you can get an e-card to use MORE’s shared electronic resources.

Get an E-Card

Library Card FAQ
  • What if I lose or damage my library card?

We can replace it! Replacement cards are $2 each.

  • Does my library card expire?

All library cards must be renewed annually so that the staff may verify the current address & phone number. If you address or phone number change let your library staff know.

If a library card has not been used in three (3) years, it will be removed from the system and the patron will have to reapply for a card.


Loan Periods
  • Books, Audiobooks & Music CDs – 3 weeks
  • New Books – 2 weeks
  • DVDs & Magazines – 1 week
Renew Materials

You may renew materials if there is not a waiting list by stopping at the library, calling toll-free 1-866-MYRENEW (697-3639), calling your local library or renewing online

Material Check Out FAQ
  • What are my responsibilities when I check out library materials?

When you get a library card, you sign an agreement to take care of library materials so that they are in good shape for the next user and return library materials on time.

  • Where do I return materials?

When the library is open, you can return materials to the circulation desk or the drop box. Make sure that all audio CDs and DVDs are accounted for. Materials may also be returned at any MORE library.

  • What if I return my materials late?

As long as they are returned in good condition, no fees will be assessed.
It is the customer’s responsibility to pay the damage and replacement charges.


Fines Free FAQ

Q: Why are you getting rid of overdue fines?

A: Going fine free eliminates a barrier to access that will ensure we are able to fulfill our mission to provide open access to services and materials for everyone in our community.

In recent years, public libraries have come to recognize fines as a barrier to access. For people who can afford them, late fines are too small to make a difference. For those who struggle financially, a fine balance becomes a reason to be wary of checking out materials and may prevent the patron from coming back at all. Simply put, public libraries believe that no one should be denied access to the library or its collection because of an inability to pay.

Q: Won’t the library suffer financially as a result? Will this affect the library budget?

A. Library lovers who still wish to support the library are welcome to donate any money they might have spent on late fines if they desire, but we will never limit library access to them if they are unable to, or choose not to do so.

We would much rather accept a voluntary donation from someone who can afford it than see someone stop using the library’s resources just because they kept their items a bit too long.

Q: Does this mean I can keep a book or other item for as long as I want?

A: No. Standard due dates still apply. Library users will still be charged replacement costs for items that are lost or damaged.

If you keep an item too long, it will still go to billed status and a replacement charge will show up on your account. But as always, that charge disappears when you return the item in good condition. While a replacement charge exists on your account, you will be blocked from checking out additional items until the charges are paid or the items are returned.

Q. Are there any exceptions to the fine-free policy?

A. Yes. There are a few important exceptions. There will still be replacement charges for items that are lost or damaged.

Any items that are checked out by Milltown Public Library Cardholders at other MORE Libraries may still accrue overdue fines.

Again, items that have been checked out for longer than their maximum loan period will be charged to your account. As always, when the item is returned in good condition, that charge will be waived.

Q. What if I have fines on my account from before you made this change?

A: Old overdue fines are being removed from patron accounts as we move towards becoming fine free. 

Q. I always thought of fines as a way to support the library. How do I continue to support the library, if not through fines?

A. The best way to support the library right now is to make voluntary donations; monetary donations or donations of materials for our ongoing book sale.

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